5 Free Tools to Research and Find Social Influencers

Have you considered utilizing influencer marketing as part of your social strategy?

Here are five statistics to consider:

In this post, I’ll walk you through five tools that will help you research and find these online influencers.

1. Research You and Your Competitors Influencers with FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk enables you to search for keywords within Twitter user bios and sort through individuals, revealing those with the largest reach and most authority.

Followerwonk can also be used to identify influencers who are following your competitors, but are not following you.

To do this, you need to first use the “social authority” tab to sort and filter your followers — this will help identify who your most notable influencer followers are.

Once you define your targets, you can create a report in Followerwonk that compares both you and your top influencers — this will help identify who’s not following you on Twitter but is following your top influencers.

Now you have a list of followers to target as prospects.

2. Determine Influencer “Types” With BuzzSumo

Granted, the app’s free trial is quite limited, however, BuzzSumo works in three interesting ways.

First, you can search for the most popular content being shared around a certain topic, and even find out who shared it.

Second, the free feature helps marketers find influencers based on keywords and hashtags.

And last, it’s easy to filter influencers based on types, such as companies, bloggers and journalists.

What’s more interesting is that all these features are found in one simple dashboard. As a result, a quick analysis reveals the most successful type of content in your niche industry, and exactly who can amplify its reach.

The tool isn’t limited to just influencer research, however — it can also help inform you about ideal content length, average social shares by content type and share counts by network for a given keyword or industry.

For example, when searching for “digital marketing” content, it looks likes a list format is your best bet:

With a length of 2,000+ words at least:

3. Score Influencers Using Kred

Designed to offer entry-level influencer marketing metrics, Kred measures influence by evaluating mentions, replies, follows, and retweets on Twitter. Their ‘outreach score’ provides a rating based on how often you tweet, mention other people, and reply.

Both metrics work by revealing how influential a person is, giving preliminary knowledge on influential online users.

Using the Kred leaderboard, you can find top outreachers and influencers based on your particular niche:

4. Find Influencers by Category with Klear

Formally known as Twtrland, Klear is a great, freemium tool which enables you to find influencers who are already engaging with your brand, and those within your networks across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even blogs.

Even better, you can filter these influencers into different categories — such as celebrities, casual, power users and novice.

To ensure that you target the right audience, Klear uses demographic features, enabling you to see which types of people are following the influencers you’re considering. This information can then be used to understand whether the audience matches your requirements — and if not, you can target a different influencer.

5. Use Tweetdeck Search to Find Influencers

Tweetdeck has not only made it easier to use Twitter, but it’s also a great free tool for researching influencers — and particularly, showing whether people listen to them or not.

In addition to seeing how many followers a potential influencer has, it’s helpful to also check how many Twitter lists they’re on — this can help underline their influential status.

One of the most useful features is the #hashtag and/or keyword search. By adjusting the search volume to tweets that have at least 25 retweets, you can quickly weed out and mute the noise that’s often returned for these types of queries.

Depending on the volume of results returned, you can adjust the retweet volume higher or lower.

In doing so, you can better determine who is really getting noticed for these keywords and hashtags. Better yet, here’s a full list of advanced searches you can use to find influencers:

search term

Show all tweets mentioning these terms

“search term”

Show tweets that mention this exact query only

this OR that

Show tweets containing “this” or “that” (or both)

this –that

Show tweets that contain a mention of “this” but not “that”


Only show tweets with links


Only show tweets without links


Only show tweets from a specific user


Filter out tweets from a specific user


Only show tweets sent to a specific user


Filter out tweets sent to a specific user


Only show tweets referencing a specific user


Filter out tweets referencing a specific user


Only show tweets from accounts included on the list @username/my list


Tweets marked as potentially sensitive are removed from the results list


Only show tweets including an image or video


Only show tweets including an uploaded video, Amplify video, Periscope or Vine


Only show tweets with photos (will include Instagram content)


Only show tweets with a pic.twitter link (or multiple images)


Positive mentions


Negative mentions




Only show tweets containing this hashtag


Only show tweets sent near this city

near:city within:15mi

Only show tweets sent within 15 miles of this city (you can list any distance and you can use ‘mi’ or ‘km’)


Only show tweets sent since a certain date:


Only tweets sent up until a certain date


Only show tweets with at least 100 retweets (you can enter any number you like)

A Future of Influence

It’s clear that influencer marketing can deliver great results — these tools can help save your business time and money by enabling you to find the best influencers for your specific brand and niche. And the best part is they’re free. Worth taking the time to check them out.

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